Wats On Events for Bar Hire and Management of Your Festival in Sydney

Wats On Events is a bar management company that can handle the needs of your festival in Sydney. Our bar hire comes with complete services required to make your festival a success. Our skilled staff has been providing exceptional bar management since 2009. We have handled all size events from corporate gatherings to 40 000-head multi-day festivals.

Types of Festivals and Bar Management

People love to celebrate and it’s no mystery that we have festivals focused on many cultural or seasonal themes. No matter what the subject or size of your festival you can trust our bar management facility to supply you with a full-service bar hire.

Music festivals are an excellent way to showcase the musical talents of local artists. Such celebrations usually focus on a particular genre or style of music. Several solo artists or bands can be featured in a single day and run for multiple days. Some of the music festivals we have been involved with include Manly Jazz and Goat Island Sounds.

Another type of festival where many artists can display their talents is the film festival. While music festivals are usually outdoor events film festivals, tend to be indoor events even though we were involved with Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema. Whether an outdoor or indoor event we can provide a bar hire.

Cultural festivals focus on ethnicity, food or local tradition and can be excellent ways for tourists to get a taste of the local flavour. Cultural gatherings offer a wide array of goods such as food, clothing, and crafts. We were lucky enough to be a part of the Smooth Festival of Chocolate. Yum! You can view other events with which we’ve been involved in our gallery.

Festival Bar Management

We are more than a bar for hire because we provide so many more services than the bar. As a festival organiser you understand the need for the right permits and paperwork. Our bar management company will handle all the licensing and paperwork required for serving alcohol. You can trust we will cover all the regulations concerning it for you.

Our staff is specially trained to handle a variety of events so everything will be worry-free during the festivities. Our experience ensures we provide enough staff to handle the size of the crowds and that they can proactively keep order. We can even organise the presence of local police when needed.

Our pre-event services include analysing the logistics of the event to prevent issues. We can make informed decisions about the number and location of serving stations, amounts of provisions needed and staffing requirements. We anticipate the details before to ensure your festival is an enjoyable event from start to finish.

Putting on a festival takes a lot of work and planning, but we are here to alleviate some of the concerns. We will provide total bar management making your bar hire one less thing about which you need to worry. Contact Wats On Events to make your festival in Sydney unforgettable.