Benefits of Mobile Bar Hire for Events and Where to Find Pop Up Bar Hire on the Gold Coast

Mobile bars have been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years. Party organisers hire mobile bars in ever-growing numbers because of the many benefits they provide. If you are organising a festival, corporate event, or brand activation, consider the following advantages of hiring a pop up bar.


One of the remarkable things about choosing pop up bar hire on the Gold Coast is how adaptable these setups are. Mobile bars can blend in with any concept and suit any style or requirement. A mobile bar for a corporate event may have different requirements or another style than one for a music festival. Simply put, mobile bars can transform into whatever you need them to be for a diverse range of events.


Probably the single biggest advantage of choosing a mobile bar on the Gold Coast is the convenience you’ll enjoy. With end-to-end management, everything is taken care of for you, and you’ll be free to focus on other things. All you’ll have to do is discuss your needs with a company such as Wats On Events and then relax, knowing everything will be handled efficiently and professionally. This convenience makes organising any large event much simpler and removes a lot of the stress and hassle from the situation.


Unless you operate your own bar, you probably don’t already have all the equipment you need. A mobile bar will have everything you need for a complete setup, including the bar, the drinks, the glasses, and even seating for your guests. Companies that run mobile bars also have all the professional cleaning tools they need and anything else required to serve guests in a safe, professional, and fun manner. You won’t have to do a thing – including running around trying to find all the different equipment you need for your bar area.

Unlimited drinks

If you try to set up your own bar for your event, there’s a very real possibility you could run out of drinks before the party’s over. This is particularly true if you aren’t sure exactly how many people to expect. If you hire a mobile bar, this isn’t a concern. Mobile bars can serve a wide range of drinks and won’t run out before your guests are done partying.


When you consider all the different elements that go into setting up a bar for a large event, it’s easy to see how hiring a mobile bar can cost less. You’ll end up with an excellent bar and a staff that knows what they’re doing, all for one single price and all arranged with just one point of contact. To make the most of your event without going over-budget, a pop up bar is the way to go.

Wats On Events for mobile bar hire on the Gold Coast

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