Tips for Music Festival Planners and Where to Find Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire and Service in Sydney

Everyone loves a great music festival, from the music and the people to the weather and the atmosphere. If you’re in the planning seat, you know how complicated it can be to put together all the different elements for an event that runs smoothly and is a successful day of fun for all your guests. Here are a few tips for planning a music festival that really rocks.

Start planning well ahead of time

The last thing you want is to be running around at the last minute stressed out and still trying to contact vendors and pull everything together. You’ll be juggling many different things, from arranging bands and vendors to marketing and ticket sales, so give yourself a long time to plan. A large festival typically takes months (or longer) to put together, and last-minute panic will make the whole thing much more difficult.

Manage your budget wisely when it comes to artists

Keep your total artist budget in mind when booking acts. Even if you’re lucky enough to attract a popular musician or band, it may not be worth it if it depletes your entire artist budget. One huge star might mean you’ll struggle to entertain your guests the rest of the time. Consider recruiting an eclectic mix of local talent and up-and-comers, with one or two big names if there’s room in your budget.

Make sure to obtain the right permits

Festivals require certain permits to operate, so do your research and make sure you get the right ones. Not having your paperwork in order is a nightmare scenario that could result in your event being shut down at the last minute.

Plan for security

There’s always someone trying to hop a fence or sneak into a music festival, as tickets can be costly. Make sure people can’t gain access to the grounds unauthorised, or that it’s at least very difficult to do so. People sneaking in will not only mean you’ll lose money, but it could also mean you’ll have too many people on the premises to meet safety and health requirements. You can also hire security staff to be available in case of trouble.

Consider mobile bar hire in Sydney

Mobile bar service in Sydney is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure your festival runs smoothly. When you choose a mobile bar, you’ll discuss your needs and the style of your event with the mobile bar service, and then sit back and relax while they handle everything. They’ll bring all equipment, glassware, seating, cleaning supplies, and anything else they need to manage your bar area from start to finish. They’ll handle staff procurement, license solutions, your cocktail menu, and all other aspects of your mobile bar so that you’re free to focus on other planning tasks.

You can secure mobile cocktail bar hire in Sydney through Wats On Events. We have a great team of professionals and ten years’ experience supplying and managing mobile bars for large events such as festivals, brand activations, and corporate events. Contact Wats On Events today to start planning your festival and book your mobile bar in Sydney.