Wats On Events: Pop Up Garden and Cocktail Bar Hire

A pop up bar hire is a fun addition to many different events such as corporate parties and business openings. Wats On Events can provide a pop up bar with the services that will let you enjoy your function without having to think about the details. We have been providing cocktail bar hire since 2009 so you know our staff is experienced and reliable.

Enhance Your Pop Up Restaurant with a Pop Up Bar Hire

Starting a restaurant takes a lot of capital, and young and talented chefs are showcasing their skills with pop up restaurants. They allow investors an opportunity to become familiar with a chef’s vision before deciding to invest in a restaurant. They also start to build a clientele and following for the chef ensuring the restaurant opens to a full house.

A pop up bar can enhance the offerings of such a restaurant. Many people expect fine dining coupled with cocktails and wine but adding alcohol can be a daunting task for unlicensed restauranteurs. We will handle the staffing and the stocking of the cocktail bar hire so the chef can focus on the menu. We will ensure all regulations are followed and the paperwork is in order. You can view all the services we provide to see how we can help you.

Pop Up Garden Bar

Are you planning a gathering to commemorate a special occasion such as a corporate retirement? If so we can provide a garden bar to add a special touch your guests will appreciate. We can provide our services to award ceremonies and corporate-wide seminars, holiday celebrations and so much more. Corporations’ activities go beyond the boardroom and into social engagements where networking is an indispensable tool to grow the business. We can provide a bar hire that encourages the atmosphere business people expect when socialising in formal, corporate environments.

Our cocktail bars are designed to fit any style event. We are experienced in outdoor venues such as garden bars or can set up a fitting serving station indoors. Our friendly and skilled staff will add a touch of class as they elegantly serve the needs of your guests. We train our staff so you can feel secure knowing they will treat your guests professionally.

Our cocktail bar hire comes complete with serving station and all the supplies such as glasses and napkins so that you don’t need to worry about them. Our cocktail bar goes beyond having wine and beer and allows you to offer your guests a variety of mixed drinks. Your business gathering will have an air of formality and not feel like a sophomoric party.

Planning a corporate event or a pop up restaurant takes time and attention to details. Let us take some of the weight off your shoulders by providing a full-service pop up garden bar hire. Our friendly and experienced staff are waiting to talk to you about how we can help. Just call on Wats On Events, and we can discuss your needs.