Cashless Bar Solutions

Wats on Events can offer cashless bar solutions to your next event. In lieu of cash, attendees load value to a personalised card or wristband to purchase food and beverages. This ensures increased visitor spend and event revenue, overall convenience, speed, accuracy and overall transaction security. We work closely with Festival Currency ( to deliver the most advanced cashless system and seamlessly integrate it into our events for a positive experience for both patron and vendor.

Ensure a positive customer experience with limited purchasing capabilities for under-18’s and intoxicated patrons whilst establishing the safety of a cashless environment. Streamline the purchasing process by eliminating the hassle of security pins and insufficient funds and remove opportunities for theft and under-reporting that a crowded bar creates by integrating our cashless bar solutions.

As a transparent system, you will have access and control over all sales at your event or function. In addition to being a smart solution for your customers, it’s also a valuable marketing tool for your business, collecting consumer information including age, income, location, and spending habits for you to better target your audiences.

If you would like to find out more about how out cashless system can improve your even please reach out.